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Batch Manager Tool (BMT)


The Batch Manager Tool (BMT) is a MinistryPlatform application that allows you to create Batches of Donations. You can create Donations manually or with the assistance of a check scanner. The BMT uses state-of-the-art CAR/LAR technology powered by A2iA, the worldwide leader in image analysis. Batch Manager has a streamlined UI with all your Donation processing details on one screen!

Think of the Batch Manager Tool as a utility with a specific focus on entering new Batches of Donations. It was designed for use by volunteers and staff who might be working at various, remote locations in a multi-site church setting.

Like other MinistryPlatform applications, the BMT can be accessed from anywhere. If your workstation includes a scanner, you are prompted to download the scanning tool to allow the scanner to communicate with Batch Manager.

All information is saved automatically, directly to your MinistryPlatform database on your MinistryPlatform server. The BMT can scan or import up to four images from any Import file for each Donation: Check Front, Check Back, Alt Front, and Alt Back (most commonly used for checks with envelopes).

The basic Batch Manager Tool workflow is:

  1. Create the Batch. An empty batch is created in MinistryPlatform.
  2. Scan the Checks. Donation records (with check images) are created in MinistryPlatform.
  3. Assign Donors, Dollars, and Distributions. Any changes are saved to MinistryPlatform.
  4. Finalize the Batch. A Finalized Date is added to the Batch in MinistryPlatform.

You can also:

  • Import XML files, BankOne.txt files, or properly formatted CSV files from 3rd party donation processing systems.
  • Export an X937 (ICL) file for your bank.

Other tasks associated with donation processing should be done in MinistryPlatform after Batches have been finalized in the BMT. These other tasks include running reports, combining Batches into Deposits, and exporting Deposits to your accounting system.