Part of the MinistryPlatform LifeSuite, LifeApps serve to connect each church to their congregation and community through mobile-friendly, tailored, cloud hosted mini-applications launched from Widgets, keeping your website the main hub for everything for your church!

Using cutting edge technology, each LifeApp focuses on a specific area of one's life in Christ to help you serve your people well and to make ministry and connection easier. And it's easy to navigate between CareLife and GroupLife with the handy-dandy menu in the header. To find your CareLife dashboard, just copy the URL below, pasted it into your browser, add your replace "churchname" with your church's name, and go!
  • CareLife: We know that your church cares about its people. So we created CareLife to facilitate meeting needs, providing care, and making sure your care team can keep track of all-the-things. 
  • GroupLife: We know your church is made up of people who do things together. So we created GroupLife to help people see, manage, and engage with their Groups.
  • NeedConnect: We know your church strives to meet needs. So we created NeedConnect to connect people who have needs with people who want to help meet needs. It's a win-win!