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The next generation of MinistryPlatform on mobile puts the power of the platform in your Users' pockets. So it just makes sense to leverage the power of the Platform for your congregation, too! PocketPlatform is an app platform built from the ground up to provide a rich and engaging experience for MinistryPlatform congregations.

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What makes PocketPlatform so great? We're glad you asked!
  • Streamlined Content Management: You're already using MinistryPlatform to manage all the things, so save time and training by managing all your content there. With PocketPlatform you can save time by pushing virtually any type of content from MinistryPlatform directly to your app. It's literally one database to rule them all.
  • User Login: PocketPlatform integrates MinistryPlatform login to offer completely customizable functionality. Members of your congregation can log in with their email, cell phone number, or even their name ;). And once they're logged in, you can tailor smart notifications, check-in, one click registrations, and more.
  • Truly Dynamic Content: Tailor the messaging and functionality of the Platform to the user to maximize engagement. If your users are logged in, PocketPlatform knows important information about them that allows you to push out customized content. From check-in reminders for registered events to notifications about ministries they are involved in, you can custom tailor messaging for any segment or audience that can be defined in MinistryPlatform. That's incredibly powerful (and really fun) stuff!
  • Engaging Tools: Track member engagement with real time analytics for both logged in and guest users. The app provides useful analytics for your officers, care teams, or leadership to be able to truly shepherd your congregation. Create reports to notify you of changes in behaviors or simply see how engaged your congregation is via trackable activities.
  • Giving Impartial: We can integrate with YOUR chosen giving solution and make it awesome, so you can do YOUR church YOUR way. There are lots of great companies out there providing excellent giving solutions—and we don't want to be one of them. We want to build amazing apps that help your congregation grow in their faith by becoming more deeply engaged in their church home. So we’ve partnered with some of the biggest online giving companies to provide integrations that make giving via your app effortless for your congregation.