Connection Card



The Connection Card allows you to promote and highlight Events and Opportunities at the same time. This is most commonly used to replace a paper bulletin with a digital format that is immediately actionable. And because PocketPlatform is powered by the Platform, you can set up Processes to automatically contact the individual the information is logged for, or to cue a staff person or volunteer to follow up with the individual.

Through the Connection Card, one individual can:

  • View unlimited active Opportunities (for example, visitors, first impressions, service opportunities)
  • View unlimited active Events
  • submit a Prayer Request or other Feedback Entry with a Note



In addition to weekly services, your church probably hosts events that you want people to attend. You can promote an unlimited number of events on your Contact Card so people who when and where to show up!

  1. Events > The Event you'd like to add to the Connection Card
  2. Edit
  3. Set "On Connection Card" to Yes
  4. Save

If you know you want the Event to show up on your Connection Card when you create it, you can set "On Connection Card" to yes when setting it up. Note: Events will appear if the Start Date is between "now" and 7 days from "now."


Opportunities are ways to be involved in your church; they're basically classified ads or the bulletin board tear-offs. Adding Opportunities to your Connection Card will highlight the places that need volunteers the most. 

  1. Opportunities > The Opportunity you'd like to add to the Connection Card
  2. Edit
  3. Set "On Connection Card" to Yes
  4. Save

Want to add a new Opportunity to your Connection Card when you create it? Just set "On Connection Card" to Yes when you create the Opportunity.

Prayer & Feedback

The Feedback Types in Lookup Values > Feedback Types will be available on the Connection Card.

Configuration Settings

Edit the Configuration Setting with Application Code “POCKETPLATFORM” and Key Name “ConnectCardIntro” to fit YOUR church.

  1. Administration > Configuration Settings
  2. POCKETPLATFORM,ConnectCardIntro
  3. Edit
  4. Update Value to language to suit your church.
  5. Save.

Using the Connection Card

  • Dashboard Recipes: Create a Dashboard Recipe that appears during your worship services and encourages your members to connect. An articulate call to action will stimulate users to click the button and follow the steps. If the Connection Card can be announced from the stage or included in on-screen announcements, users are even more likely to engage.
  • User Navigation: Add the Connection Card link to your User Specific Navigation so users have a convenient way to access the Connection Card from anywhere in the App.