Support Levels


Per your Service Level Agreement, issues are addressed at three levels.

Level 1 – User Support

Addressed by: SPoC
Issues: Basic use, user-specific issues

Issues encountered by a User should first go through the appropriate SPoC. As the "first line of defense," we know SPoCs will always try to resolve issues before submitting a case, so we focus on starting where they left off. The SPoC will rule out browser and User error. They will also clarify the issue and gather important support case components such as error log entries, steps to reproduce, and screen shots.

Level 2 – Infrastructure

Addressed by: SPoC or IT Company
Issues: Network, servers, back-up, and unresolved Level 1 issues

If needed, your SPoC may involve an IT person or vendor who handles infrastructure concerns. This person should review error messages before they are escalated to Think Ministry.

Level 3 – Application

Addressed by: Think Ministry, Inc
Issues: Application errors, and unresolved Level 1 and 2 issues

If Level 1 and Level 2 processes have taken place and the issue is still unresolved, the SPoC can then escalate it to Think Ministry by opening a Support case.