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Tools are a separate application that is fully integrated with the Platform. They're designed to save users time—whether they're keeping data clean, preparing data for communications or reports, or speeding up data entry. Each Tool is designed to appear on specific pages, and a Security Role is required to access the tools. See Configuring Tools for more information. 


  • Changes made by Tools are recorded in the Audit Log of the related records as "API User (on behalf of [Username])".
  • For those who enjoy mouse-free data entry, use the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate within each tool once it is launched. When tabbing through the fields in any Tool, you can either:
    • Use the arrow keys to select from a drop down, then Press Enter to make a selection.
    • Use the arrow keys to select from a drop down, then Press Tab to make selection and move the cursor to the next field at the same time.
  • Check out the information icon at the top of the tool (the little "i" with a circle around it) to see helpful information about the tool and its function.
  • Note that Tools do not honor Global Filters, with the exception of the Batch Manager Tool.