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Getting Started with SSRS Reports in MP

November 2, 2023
Do you lie awake night after sleepless night, wondering how, exactly, reports work in MinistryPlatform? Have you ever wondered how to edit one or create one? Or are you simply mildly curious, now that we've introduced the topic? If you're one or the other, or somewhere in between - join us for a behind-the-Platform look at how SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports work with MinistryPlatform. 

Introducing: Sacramental Certificates and Tools

October 26, 2023
Join us as we walkthrough (and celebrate!) recent releases that standardize how you store, manage, and report on information and print sacraments in MinistryPlatform. You’ll see how simple it is to quickly post (or even mass add) Sacraments as well as to pull up and print Certificates.

Staff & Building Security

October 12, 2023
MinistrySmart sits down with active police officers to find out what measures a church can take to enhance the security and safety for their guests, members, and staff throughout the week and ensure the building is secure, particularly while worship and services are in progress.

Getting Started With Power BI and MP

August 28, 2023
This is a true start-from-scratch with Power BI and MinistryPlatform. Learn about the tools, connections, and queries as we go from zero to our first Power BI dashboard.

Communications 02 - Identify and Build Your Audience

Thursday, June 29, 2023
Who is your audience, and how do you find them? We’ll walk you through using Views, Transferring and Trimming Selections, and leveraging Publications and Subscriptions to build and reach targeted segments of your community! And we’ll show you how your communications can include our One-Click Opt Out.

Communications 01 - Reach and Engage Your Audience

Thursday, June 22, 2023
There is nothing like a well crafted email (or text) to effectively reach and engage your community. We’ll show you how to leverage the New Message Tool and the Template Editor Tool to design and send gorgeous, responsive communications.