Taking Church Online: Giving & Financials


In partnership with the Church IT Network, we hosted a series of webinars with sound advice and tested tips and Q&A from churches already "doing church" online! Fourth in the series is...

Taking Church Online: Giving & Financial

Steward and engage your community by providing ways to continue contributing and be an active part of your mission … that is now primarily online.

Special thanks to our panelists:
Mark Brooks @ Acts 17 Generosity
Meagan Brown @ MortarStone
Chris Ockerman @ Ward Church
Ken Emert @ Pure Heart Church
Glenn Wood @ Seacoast Church



MortarStone integrates with Ministry Platform, allowing you to track giving patterns at deeper levels and gain insights that help you fully fund ministry. Offered FREE to Ministry Platform churches

MortarStone's How To Increase Giving & Engagement (pdf)

Mark Brook’s interview with Dennis Moses CEO/Managing Director at Church Capital Resources:

Mark Brook’s Three Prong Attack:

  1. Caution. Take care of your people.
  2. Compassion. Be the church.
  3. Sustainability.
    • Cut spending.
    • Cut budget.
    • Cut waste out (Turn the thermostat down).
    • Think 30-60-90-100 days out.
    • Protect your assets. Think about bank loans and things like that moving forward.

Stay in touch with your people

  • Call your congregation
  • Or call a focused subset (elderly/unconnected/top donors).
  • Just check in! “How can we as a church support you in this process?”
  • “Do you need help? or Can you give help?”
  • Utilize social media to get information out and to engage your congregation. 

Roll out online giving to older generation

  • Partner with great providers out there, that make giving very simple.
  • Communicate in ways that they will hear and receive. Initial communication can be on paper to get them connected; or from platform/pulpit.
  • Make it simple. If they regularly give on paper, help them convert that to a recurring online gift.
  • Plan B: Encourage them to keep giving the same way they have been.

Provide a way for people to continue dropping checks off at church or by mail

Install a drive up payment drop box on the church's property. 

Create/update your communications strategy:

  • The “why” and “what” we’re doing hasn't changed. But the “how” has. 
  • Tailor your messaging to your various segments of donors.
  • Tell a story. Show your donors what their contributions are doing and how they are making a difference. 

Establish what you need to do in the immediate. But also look at what you need to do long term (120-240 days out).

There is no one single source with all the answers. Talk to your:

  • Bankers
  • Lenders
  • Auditors
  • Legal counsel

Go to the bank with solutions/suggestions.

Can you defer mortgage payments?

Look at what recurring expenses on your credit card you can suspend.

Consider how the CARES act can potentially help right now

Are there any grants you can pursue? Talk to your existing lenders or CPA relationships before making any staff or other changes because it could impact grant or loan forgiveness.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Business Loan Forgiven (article)

MP Bonus: Giving Unit Summary page

MP Bonus: Donation Analysis is a great MinistryPlatform report for trend analysis 

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