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Part of the MinistryPlatform LifeSuite, Widgets are mobile-friendly applications designed to display on specific pages of your website. Widgets are a separate application and are fully integrated with MinistryPlatform. They add valuable functionality directly to your website, allowing guests and congregants to conduct business with your church in a safe manner that is instantly captured in the MinistryPlatform database. 

Widgets offer a compelling, integrated, and customized experience for your users. For example, the Group Finder widget allows a user to easily search for and filter Groups relevant to their needs. Check out Widget Church to see some Widgets in action. And for a deep dive into the benefits of Widgets, see Why Widgets?.

To fully optimize Widgets, make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.

Your Website - Your Way! 

Widgets are designed to appear on specific pages of your church website. They are mobile-friendly, responsive, and customizable. Your church can deploy one or more Widgets by adding a few lines of code on the desired pages. For more information, see Quick Start. And check out Specific CMS Tips to be sure your website Content Management System can successfully integrate Widgets into your existing ecosystem.


Any website visitor can create a User Account. The login, create account, and password reset functionality for Widgets is the same as the Platform, NeedConnect, and the Batch Manager Tool and will create a User record.

These Users will not count towards your monthly number of supported users unless you assign specific Security Roles to these users. A small subset of specific Widgets may require a Security Role (for example, Manage Prayer Requests & Feedback)

Widget Menu

We're hard at work creating beautiful, customizable, and useful Widgets to help you do YOUR church YOUR way. Check out our currently available Widgets and keep checking back as we add more!

Widgets Application

Since Widgets live on your website, that's where Users should go to access them!

However, for reference, the Widget Library can be found by opening a web browser and appending /widgets to your system domain. For example, if your MinistryPlatform URL is, your widgets application would be found at

Note: This library is not intended for public consumption. When Widgets are placed on your web pages, the code references this library. The Widgets do "work" here but there's no ability to configure them here.