Reports, Routines, & Notifications - Released March 27-28, 2023

We're listening -- we've improved some reports based on your feedback! We also brought back one report from deprecation and fixed issues in several other reports.

You Asked for It, We Did It!

We know you're full of great ideas! So check out the Idea Board and add a new idea or vote for the ones you love.

  • You can now filter the Birthday List Report by Congregation/Parish. Only individuals assigned to the selected Congregation/Parish are included in the report.
  • Group Participant records that are associated with the Default Contact are now excluded from consideration in the merge process.
  • The Financial Summary Report no longer shows the Program Name as part of the Statement Title.
  • Fixed an issue where the NULL checkbox associated with a report parameter was not being cleared after you entered a value.


  • The Campaign Donation to Pledge Matching Report is back! It's available on the Pledges and Pledge Campaigns pages.
  • The Financial Summary Report now respects the Formal Salutation setting for the associated Accounting Company. It displays names from the Salutation field on the Donor's most recent Statement record.
  • The logo on the Financial Summary Report has always displayed in the top-right corner. Now, you can choose to keep it there or move the logo to the center of the page, above the address. Or, if needed, you can hide the logo from the report altogether. Select which option you want using the new report parameter, "Display Logo". Note, if you use windowed envelopes: If you display the logo in the "Center", the address will print lower than where it used to. "Right" or "Not Displayed" are the best options for windowed envelopes.
  • Fixed an issue where the amounts on the Financial Summary and Financial Summary Selected reports were being affected by the number of previous Statement records and Donation/Donation Distribution records.
  • In the report parameters on the Donor Standard Statement, you could select to show "Payment Type (no Item Number)". This option was meant to show an Item Number if one was present or show the Payment Type if an Item Number was not present. This wasn't clear, so we changed this option's wording to "Item Number". By default, this option is not selected, and the report will reflect Payment Types for applicable Donations. However, if you select to show "Item Number", you will see Item Numbers instead of Payment Types.
  • Fixed an issue where the Donor Standard Statement was assigning multiple rows to any Donations that had multiple Donation Distributions, which reduced the number of Donations that displayed on those pages. Now, all Donations are properly represented by a single row, and the appropriate number of rows (as defined on your Accounting Company record) will display on each page. We recommend 26 rows for the best fit.
  • Fixed an issue on the Selected Contact Attendance Report where the number of Eligible Events was not being calculated correctly. Now, Eligible Events include events where:
    • the individual has an Event Participant Record where the Participation Status is '02 Registered', '03 Attended', or '04 Confirmed', OR
    • the individual is an active Group Participant (indicated by a null End Date or an End Date that's after the Event Date) in a Group that's associated with the Event (either as an Event Group via a Room Reservation or a Program Group).