Creating Your Own Reports

If you have SSRS experience/skills, you can create your own custom reports for MinistryPlatform. See Writing Reports for details.

On occasion, Think Ministry Inc. will enhance and create reports for MinistryPlatform at no charge to our customers. There are generally several report releases each year. These releases are independent of any other software updates. All new and updated reports come from suggestions and support requests.

Requesting Custom Reports

However, a church may request an enhancement or a new report that falls under Professional Services because:

  • The need is urgent.
  • The need is based on unique data structures.
  • The requirement is too specific and cannot be shared with other MinistryPlatform churches.

Other Report Services 

Existing Projects Available

Here are some custom reports Professional Services has created for other churches that are available for purchase:

  • PhoneTree Report // Exportable report that provides no duplicate phone numbers to upload into a phone-tree system so people receive an automated phone message from the church. Eliminates duplicates. Basic price is $110. 
  • Remove Email Duplicate Report // Create a new selection of contacts before sending out a mass email or before using the New Message Tool that provides no duplicate email addresses and can use a Household name or Individual name for the email. Basic price is $110.
  • VBS/VBX or Women or Event Cards // Customize your own Event Cards using Contact fields, Group fields, Participant fields, or custom form fields and includes photo so that can help you put children into groups, table assignments, or print a final card for the event. 2 per cardstock or paper.

Contact Support to receive basic installation or request customization.

These projects are provided with no warranty or support. Any changes, fixes, etc, will be subject to availability and billed at the prevailing hourly rates.