Financial Systems


MinistryPlatform has the ability to generate reports that can be used to help get financial information for Donations (Deposits) and Payments from MinstryPlatform to your financial system to help keep the system reconciled. See the following KB sections for more details:

Account Structure & Banks

Professional Services can make the following changes to accommodate changes in your financial system:

  • If you have reports specific to your financial system, like the Selected Deposit-Shelby Export report, and need to add or remove Shelby bank reconciliation accounts (Banks).
  • If your account structure changes and you need to change or modify the existing accounting code fields in MinistryPlatform Programs or Product Options.

Existing Projects Available

Here are some financial software integrations Professional Services has created for other churches that are available for purchase:

Looking for a Journal Entry Export for Realm Accounting or PDS Ledger? Give us a shout (create a Support case)... we might be able to hook you up, because, you know, we know someone on the inside!

If your financial software is not listed here but you would like a report, an exported data file, and a process to update donations in the Platform for Deposits and/or Payments, send a sample data file with real data from the Platform and with headers to Support for an estimate.

Contact Support for estimates or to request customization.

These projects are provided with no warranty or support. Any changes, fixes, etc, will be subject to availability and billed at the prevailing hourly rates. 

Other Integrations

For non-financial integrations, see Integrations.

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