System Setup Section


A very limited number of users at your church should be able to access the system setup pages. This is the area where, on the simple side, you can modify items in drop-down lists, and on the complex side, you can add pages and sub-pages, create views, charts, etc.

Pro tip: A user has rights to this section if the Setup Admin field is set to True on their User record.

To force a refresh after changes made, you can use the Refresh Cache button in the About dialogue. Otherwise, changes will be evident within 24 hours.

Important! Please exercise extreme caution when working in these critical system pages.  Mistakes here may take a specific page, report, or view offline for users until the change is undone.

Navigation Customization Tips

There are three ways a Page will show in navigation:

  • As a single page in Basic NavigationPage Sections with a "Basic Navigation Page" show a single page in the Basic Menu. Child Pages are ignored.
  • With Child Pages in Advanced NavigationPage Sections without a "Basic Navigation Page" will display all child Pages in the Advanced Menu.
  • Outside of Page Sections in Advanced Navigation - Pages outside of Page Sections (for example, Contacts, Participants, Household, etc.) only exist in Advanced Navigation.

Page Sections should not be shared between Basic and Advanced Navigations. Even if the same content should appear in both, create two separate Page Sections.

  • Basic Navigation ignores Page Sections where "Basic Navigation Page" = null. These Page Sections will not appear in the Basic Menu.
  • Advanced Navigation ignores Page Sections where "Basic Navigation Page" is populated. These Page Sections will not appear in the Advanced Menu.
  • Pages that live outside of a Page Section (for example, Contacts, Participants, Household, etc.) only exist in Advanced Navigation.
Basic Navigation Customization
We warned you above and we're going to do it again—exercise extreme caution when modifying anything in the System Setup area. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it.

To modify the pages the Basic Navigation page sections:

  1. Navigate to System Setup > Page Sections
  2. Open the page you want to modify
  3. Edit the Page Section field
  4. Save