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Platform - Released December 11-12, 2023

Consider this release an early Christmas present, with several new and improved communication features! And we didn't forget to stuff the stockings with those fixes you requested.

*NEW* Audiences

  • With Audiences, you can create lists of contacts that may otherwise be complicated to pull together in standard Platform views. For example, let's say you have a youth trip coming up and want to communicate with students, parents, and chaperones. You can create an Audience and send one message to all of them! See Audiences for all the details.

*NEW* Writing Assistant

  • Need to come up with a great description but don't have a lot of time? Try our new Writing Assistant on the Group Description and Opportunity Description fields! The Writing Assistant can help you check your spelling and grammar, summarize an existing description, adjust the tone, and craft content from keywords. Note that the Keywords option may take an extra couple of seconds, but it’s worth the wait!

  • Want to enable the Writing Assistant for other description fields? Go to System Setup > Field Management, locate the Description field record for the relevant page, and set Writing Assistant Enabled to Yes.


  • You can now send a message to selected participants – right from the Group record! Click the Participants tab, select the participants to message, then select Message from the Actions menu.
  • If you've ever scheduled a group text message to go out at 4 AM instead of 4 PM (oops!), then you'll appreciate our new Message Curfew settings. An admin can set the hours during which text messages cannot be sent. If a user tries to send or schedule a message during this time, they'll receive a warning. They can still send the message if needed; for example, the youth group is returning from a trip later than expected and parents need to be contacted outside of the standard messaging hours.

    Note: When you set Message Curfew Start Time and End Time on the Domain record, make sure you clear your cache in the About section so these settings can take effect.

User Interface

  • If you use Page/Sub Page View Rules to customize colors in your system, you can now use a color picker in addition to entering hex codes.
  • We updated the way the Selected column is sorted. Now, when records are selected and you sort on that column, the selected records move to the top or bottom of your list.


  • When you're editing a record and click the Next or Previous button, you're now prompted to save your changes before moving to another record.

Record Insights

  • Fixed an issue where images and maps were being cut off in Record Insights.


  • Fixed an issue where the Last Installment Date for pledges was not considering the first installment in the calculation.


  • Fixed an issue where, if a volunteer served the same role in multiple groups, only one of their Compliance records contained Details information.


Reminder about Support Browsers:

Before accessing MinistryPlatform and other applications, make sure your browser is up-to-date. Otherwise, you may see errors.

The technical details: TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer supported for our services. To use our applications, the browser must be on TLS 1.2 or higher. For this reason, we suggest using the most updated browser version.