MinistryPlatform comes fully loaded with hundreds of reports. Reports are updated 4-6 times each year with new reports developed by Think Ministry Inc. added each time. More than half of the reports in MinistryPlatform integrate directly with a customizable selection of records. This means there are infinite reporting possibilities!

Reports are listed below by Page Section.  Page Section is the top level navigation in MinistryPlatform. Reports titles/names that include Selected mean that the report results are driven off of the starting selection (and not all records).

Note: Many reports include a date picker option. Alas, the Report Viewer date pickers are not currently supported in Safari. If you need to run a report using the date picker, we recommend using an alternate browser.

Video Topics: Tools and Reports, Part 2

0:18 - Running Reports
1:23 - Selected Record Reports
4:12 - Page Views as Reports

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