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Our Support model is based on defined levels of Support, key SPoCs, and communications via the Support Portal. This model benefits everyone by ensuring clear and full documentation of the issue, efficient internal escalation of your case, and capturing information for expanding valuable resources (like this Knowledge Base!). 


Have questions.
Report problems.
Make suggestions.
Use Knowledge Base/resources.

Answer basic user questions.
Manage the network and servers.
Understand MinistryPlatform.
Escalate unresolved issues to Support.

Answer SPoC questions.
Troubleshoot issues.
Maintain Knowledge Base/resources.
Improve and update the software.
Deploy updates.


But the MinistryPlatform team isn't just about resolving cases. We invest in your church by:

  • Enhancing and improving our software regularly.
  • Updating our software on your server for you.
  • Providing two free view assists each month. 
  • Making minor HTML/CSS tweaks to labels and themes for you.

Basically, we don’t nickel and dime you for stuff that we can do quickly! These "extra" items (not covered by your Service Level Agreement) are subject to our availability.

Support Levels

Per your Service Level Agreement, issues are addressed at three levels. This means that your issues can be efficiently resolved or escalated so nothing gets in the way of your ministry.


We offer a variety of resources to support you in your use of MinistryPlatform and help you get ministry done. Check out our ever expanding Knowledge Base or get inspired by other churches in our Community Forum. And, of course, Support is standing by (via case or live chat) to resolve all issues, big or small!


We can't wait to hear from you!

Please refer to your Service Level Agreement (SLA) which sets out the specific contractual obligations between your church and ACS Technologies.