Learning Activities


Learning Activities are power-packed, bite-sized, video walkthroughs that show (and tell!) you what you need to know to make ministry happen! Each is just a few minutes long and guides you through a single topic with clarity and precision. So whether you're a new User, need a quick tour, or want a quick refresher on a familiar topic, check out a Learning Activity.


  • Essentials - What you need to know to get started using the Platform, so get ready to meet the powerful tool that will let you do YOUR Church YOUR way!
  • People - Your church is made up of people and MinistryPlatform helps you care for them. Learn how!
  • Contributions - Check out these byte-sized tutorials to learn everything you need to know about contributions!
  • Data Management - Clean data is happy data, so check out these tips and tricks to keep your data working for you.
We're always looking to make your learning experience better! Please take some time to let us know what we're doing well and what we could do better.