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It is our honor to provide you the tools and resources you need to learn – or extend – MinistryPlatform to best serve your church’s staff and congregation/parishioners.

Our MinistryPlatform Academy is your one-stop shop for all learning resources, including virtual Courses and Learning Activities, recorded Webinars, and Training Videos. Upcoming Boot Camps and Webinars are also available for you to register for and attend in real-time.

  • Learning Activities offer you and your staff bite-sized, interactive tutorials you can turn to anytime, whether you are just getting started or need a refresher.
  • Courses and Learning Paths are available for you to peruse and watch on demand.
  • Webinars allow us to get in the same (virtual) room with the MinistryPlatform community to provide training, highlight new features, and offer other ministry-impacting topics.
  • Boot Camps are 3-4 hour virtual classes where your users get to log in to a REAL MinistryPlatform system to practice what they're learning, without worrying about messing up your church's data.

If you're an existing customer who wants to deepen your knowledge of MP with personalized training, you have two options:

1-on-1 Online Training

You can purchase training packages that are customized to meet your needs in blocks of five hours*. You'll work directly with one of our MinistryPlatform Coaches to plan and schedule virtual calls, which typically last one hour.

These package hours can be used within a few weeks or over several months. Some churches use their hours quickly to implement a new feature in MP, onboard a new SPoC, or build out new processes. Other churches keep these hours in their back pocket in the event of an unexpected training need.

We're all about doing your church your way, so how you choose to schedule your training calls is up to you and your Coach!

Onsite Training

At your request, a MinistryPlatform Coach will travel to your church and work with you and/or your staff face-to-face. This training is 100% customized to meet your needs, and your Coach will work with you to create an hour-by-hour agenda before arriving. Pricing is based on your specific needs, location, and other variables.

Ready to Get Trained?

If you're interested in purchasing a virtual or onsite training package, please fill out this form. Then, a member of our team will reach out to you!

* These hours include solo/prep work that your Coach requires before your training sessions. For instance, the time your Coach needs to plan a presentation is deducted from your available hours.