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Important! While the Portal is still available, it is no longer being developed or supported. Widgets are being released in phases and will eventually replace the PortalGet started on your transition plan today!


MinistryPlatform's Public Portal ("the Portal") allows visitors to your church website to conduct business with your church in a safe manner that is then captured in the MinistryPlatform database. We install and maintain this standalone IIS application, and it communicates with the MinistryPlatform database through an API.

Your church can deploy one or more Portal pages by placing links to these pages on your church website. You may also use Portal pages that cannot be accessed by visitors to your website by sending people links directly to those Portal pages via email.

Any visitor to your church website may create a Portal account. You may also send your contacts a link to setup an account on the Portal. Either action will create a User record in MinistryPlatform. These users will not count towards your monthly number of supported users unless you assign specific Security Roles to these users.

A small subset of specific features accessed through the Portal may require a security role (e.g., content management requires a Security Role).

The Portal is supported on the following browsers:
> Latest version of Google Chrome
> Latest pre-Quantum version of Mozilla Firefox (regular, not ESR, not Quantum)
> Latest version of Microsoft Edge
> Latest version of Macintosh Safari
> Latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (until 12/31/18)