PocketPlatform - Released February 21, 2023


PocketPlatform is happy to announce an integration with Vanco! We also have some improvements in different areas. Read on for details.

And, check out the January release notes for a few items that have been added. You may have already seen these changes, but we wanted to keep you in the loop!

Vanco Integration
  • You can now use Vanco as your giving provider in PocketPlatform! Vanco is the preferred payment solutions provider for more than 25,000 congregations, and they have over 20 years of experience.
  • You'll need to set up the Programs that you want to show in the app, and the integration does the rest! Congregants click Give, select the designation, enter the amount, and choose the frequency of their gift. All of this information is passed to Vanco’s secure website where they can finish the transaction. Then, they’re directed back to the app where they’ll see a confirmation message (which you can customize!). For more information, check out Vanco Integration.
    Giving Integrations
    • Generally, a donation less than $3.00 costs the church more money in transaction fees than they would receive. So, for any giving integration, the donation amount must be at least $3.00. If a user tries to make a donation less than that, they'll see a message. Note: This V2 feature is available now -- just let us know if you want it!
    Password Fields
    • Passwords are now obfuscated in all password fields on Android devices.