PocketPlatform - Released September 25-26, 2023

Wait, didn't we already get the September update? Yep, you received an update September 5-6, but there were a few more items we wanted to send your way! More details about those are here at the top. Below, you can find what we fixed in the earlier release.
Invoice Source
  • Now, you are able to tell when an invoice is created by PocketPlatform. On the Invoice record, the Invoice Source field shows whether it was created by PocketPlatform, Widgets, or any other sources your church has set up.
PocketPlatform Devices
  • *Schema change* There's a new table called PocketPlatform Devices that helps you track users and their devices. You may have used the Analytics table to get this information previously, but this way is easier and more effective for this purpose!
  • Go to PocketPlatform > PocketPlatform Devices. You'll see all the devices that have the app installed and have been "seen" by Analytics. The data is updated every 15 minutes. The Device record includes which platform is used (like iOS or Android), the user who logged in to the app on this device, as well as the timestamps from the very first time and the most recent time the device was used to open the app.
  • Use this area to gain an understanding of user engagement at a higher level than Analytics allows. You can build views and charts based on device information. This can help you answer questions like:
    • "How many new users/devices do we have this month?"
    • "How many active users do we have this quarter?"
    • "How many users have gone inactive this year?"

We fixed some issues with iOS notifications and made them easier to send while we were at it! And check out the other fixes that make the app even better.
Push Notifications
  • We improved the way push notifications are sent. Previously, you had to choose one of two tools to push either global notifications or targeted notifications. Now, we provide one tool to rule them all!

  • To send notifications to all app users, go to Administrations > Users, and click Tools > Send Push Notifications. To send only to certain users, make a selection from the Users page before opening the tool.
  • At the top of the tool, you’ll see whether you’re sending to some or all users. If you made a selection but changed your mind, you can select the option to send to everyone instead – without having to leave the tool.

  • For full steps and details on the new tool, see Push Notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where push notifications displayed but did not play a sound or vibrate on iOS devices.
Link Generator
  • Now, you can use the Link Generator tool to create links to:
    • Bible Passages
    • Audio Player
    • Video Player
    • Feedback Form
    • FastPass Screen
    • Connect Card
    • Group Chat
Media Manager
  • We added a field on the Sermon record called "Processing Complete". It defaults to No but is automatically updated to Yes when the Media Manager finishes. You can use this field to kick off another process, such as sending an email to your communications director to let them know when the video is ready.
  • If you've already uploaded a sermon graphic, the Media Manager no longer overwrites the thumbnail image on the Sermon record. It just attaches the new file to the record.
  • Fixed several issues with the Media Manager, including one where uploads to YouTube were getting stuck.
Display Issues
  • Fixed an issue with the Login screen for users who set the text on their device to be very large. This update requires a recompile, so let us know if you’d like it!
  • If you weren't using the Reading Day field in the Bible Reading Plan, the text could look very small. Now, the Passages value can be used for the title instead, making the text easier to read. To get this enhancement in your app, contact us for a recompile.
  • Fixed an issue where FastPass QR codes could not be scanned when the user had Dark Mode enabled on their device. Now, QR codes display with a white background so they can be scanned properly. This update requires a recompile.
  • While searching for an event in the app, users had no indication when a filter was applied. Now, they can see filters on events, groups, and opportunities.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sermon Notes screen was displaying the Custom Form Title instead of the Sermon Title.