PocketPlatform - Released October 30-31, 2023

Introducing Contact Lookup inside your PocketPlatform app! You may have seen a sneak peek during this Ignite session in September, and now it's here. We also fixed issues that affected some of our customers.
Contact Lookup
  • Now there's a way to find contacts and view information about them – right in your app! If you have the appropriate permission, you can see personal and family information as well as which groups they participate in and volunteer for. Check out Contact Lookup for details.
  • If you're interested in Contact Lookup, contact Support to enable it for your instance.

Vanco Giving Funds
  • Previously, Vanco customers were not able to change the order of funds; they only displayed in alphabetical order. Now, you can use the Online Sort Order to organize funds in your app. This fix is available immediately.
  • Remember, only Programs that have a value in the Vanco Campaign ID field display, sorted first by Online Sort Order and then by Statement Title. For more details on how things display in the app, see Vanco Integration.
Profile Photos
  • Fixed an error that displayed when you tried to update a profile photo using an image from your device's library or directly from the camera. If you still see this issue, contact Support so we can redeploy your API.
Link Generator Tool
  • Fixed an error that displayed in the Platform when you tried to launch the Link Generator tool.


Reminder about Support Browsers:

Before accessing PocketPlatform and other MinistryPlatform applications, make sure your browser is up-to-date. Otherwise, you may see errors.

The technical details: TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer supported for our services. To use our applications, the browser must be on TLS 1.2 or higher. For this reason, we suggest using the most updated browser version.