PocketPlatform - Released January 16-17, 2023

To start off the new year, we have Media Manager enhancements, one new change to prepare you for Version 2 features, and improvements to a few other areas.
Media Manager
  • A while back, we updated the look of the Media Manager. If you've moved to the new version, you've already seen these changes.
  • You'll also notice that an email notification is sent when a file upload is complete and when transcoding is complete.
User Removal Request
  • There's a new feedback type to help prepare you for a new feature in Version 2. PocketPlatform will create a feedback record with that type so SPoCs can follow up on this task. You'll learn more about the "Request User Removal" feature when you transition to Version 2.
Group Chat
  • In V2, we added the ability to mute a Group Chat conversation. When someone is receiving notifications for conversation, the “ringing bell” icon displays. After clicking the icon to mute the conversation, the icon changes to a bell with a line through it to indicate that notifications will no longer be sent for this conversation.
Parish Selector
  • Updated the Parish Selector so the giving URL specified in the Congregation record opens in the browser directly from the menu item.
Custom Forms
  • Fixed text wrapping on Custom Form Instructions fields and long labels on Android devices.
  • Fixed the mini-scroller to allow more room for text.