Widgets - Released February 27-28, 2023

Editable registrations? Yes please! Your congregants can change anything on their registration, right up until they submit their payment. We have a few additional enhancements that you'll love, so read on for details.

    Editable Registrations

    • Congregants may start registering for an event and change their mind. Most churches do not consider someone to be fully registered until payment is received, so we've improved the process. Now, if someone abandons their registration altogether, the Abandon Invoice Clean Up Process fully deletes any records connected to that registration.
    • We made it easier for congregants to change registration information in the Event Details Widget. Anytime before someone checks out, if they need to edit a participant's information, there's a new Edit button for that!
    • Registrants can also make changes to their product selections. We added a Make Changes button in the Invoice Details & Payment Widget. This takes them back to the Event Details where they can remove option prices without having to cancel the entire registration. Note: The Make Changes button only displays for paid events, and it's only available if no deposit, payment, or promo code has been applied yet.

      Event Widgets

      • *NEW* Building and Room information now displays in Event Details, right below the Location. This is especially helpful for visitors and members who are new to your church! Be mindful, though, of who can see this information. You can decide which events show that information using the Show Building Room Info field in the Event Details Widget. Note: By default, this new field is set to Yes on all existing Event records. If you want to hide it for an Event, make sure to select No for Show Building Room Info.
      • *NEW* Registrants can now see when event registration is closed. When Registration Active is set to No on the Event record, a message displays below the Event Details to let them know that registration is not active because it has either not begun or has already closed.
      • Fixed an issue where registrations were not going through if the User did not have an address on their Household record. Also, when the User submits the form with an address, the address is added to their record.

      Giving Widgets

      • *NEW* You can customize or hide the suggested giving amounts in the Make a Pledge Widget. To hide the buttons, enter "NULL" in the Suggested Amounts field when configuring the widget.
      • Fixed an issue where Notes were not being recorded properly for a newly created Pledge record when a mobile phone number was not provided.

      Group Widgets

      • Congregants can now see a group's capacity before they sign up. The Group Finder and Group Details page now display the number of spots that have been claimed and the total capacity for the group (e.g. Capacity: 11 of 20).
      • Fixed an issue that allowed individuals to exceed the capacity of a group by signing up additional family members.

      Custom Forms

      • *NEW* Added a Force Login field to the Custom Forms page. If you set this to Yes, Users must log in before they can complete the form.
      • Fixed an issue where a file could not be removed once it was uploaded to a Custom Form.