Widgets - Released April 10-11, 2023

Want an easy way to add widgets for your congregation or parish to use? Introducing Microsites, a plug-and-play alternative! Check out the exciting details below. This release is also full of improvements to various widgets, additional enhancements, and fixes.

You Asked for It, We Did It!

We know you're full of great ideas! So check out the Idea Board and add a new idea or vote for the ones you love.

  • Previously, access to the online directory has been limited to only active contacts. This excluded people who should have access, such as those with a status of homebound. Now, anyone who is not marked as deceased can log in and view the online directory. Note that access to the directory is still restricted by Member Status and/or Participant Type based on the "Can Access Directory" field.
  • Fixed an issue in the Invoice Detail & Payment widget. If there was a free event with an added option cost, and the user selected a paid price for one registrant and the free option for another, an error displayed and the total was not reduced.
  • There was a typo in one of our IDs. If you have custom CSS on the plan-your-visit or subscribe-to-publication widget pointing to the element with id="verfificationButton", make sure you change this to id="verificationButton".

Microsite: Widgets made easy!

  • Customizing widgets for your website can be a lot of work, especially if you're not familiar with all the technical nuts and bolts. Now, we have Microsites that can provide the same functionality as some of our Widgets, without the complex configuration!
  • Every congregation or parish has their own Microsite (like a mini website) that allows authenticated users to view the online directory and manage their giving, contribution statement, profile information, household information, and pledges. These pages on the Microsite function exactly the same as the widgets.
    Gif showing the Microsites list, then an example Microsite for West Lakes, then the Menu drop-down list, then the Online Directory
  • All you have to do is add a link on the congregation/parish website, and congregants/parishioners can start using it today! For more on how this works and steps on linking, see Microsite: Widgets Made Easy.

Mission Trip Widgets

  • Head of Household contacts can now see mission trips for all members of their family, regardless of whether the family member has a user account in the widget. For example, a parent can see any trips their child has been registered for in the My Mission Trips widget.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate records for pending pledges and form response were being created if the Apply button was clicked multiple times.

Event Widgets

  • Registrants can now determine whether the selected record is updated with the information they submit on a form. This is helpful if a user is registering someone else for an event. For example, Hannah is registering herself and her friend for an event. She can submit a form for her friend without having to update her family's record with the friend's information. We added a checkbox at the bottom of the registration form labeled "Use the contact/address info provided to update my record on file". Only authenticated users will see this checkbox. By default, if a user is logged in and they select a family member, this checkbox is automatically selected for them, and the selected record will be updated with any changed contact or address information provided. Otherwise, if they register using a blank form, the checkbox is not selected, and their record will not be changed.
  • For free events, "Registration Total: $0.00" no longer shows at the bottom of the registration form. (Free events are those that have an Online Registration Product with a Base Price of $0 and do not have any Option Groups with any Option Price records connected.)
  • Fixed an issue where, after registering for a free event, $0 payment records were being assigned to the default contact, and notes on the payment record were not displaying.
  • Fixed an issue where Promo Codes were not respecting the Days Out To Hide field. Now, Promo Codes are only available until the set number of days before the event, after which they are hidden and no longer valid.
  • Fixed an issue where the Abandoned Invoice Clean Up Process was not deleting a Group Participant record (for an event with a product that assigns a group) related to a registration that was abandoned. Note that the Group Participant record is only deleted if it did not previously exist. If a participant was already in the group, their record is not deleted.

Group Widgets

Custom Forms

  • Fixed an issue where address information was not displaying on custom forms after a user logged in.
  • Fixed an issue where hiding an answer to a conditional logic question on a custom form was causing the logic to break. Now, you can set logic for a question that depends on a previous answer.