Widgets - Released July 17-18, 2023


This month, we have enhancements that make widgets easier for your congregants to use, plus more improvements that make abandoned registrations easier for you to manage!

We had a few more items that released in August as well, so check those out below.

You Asked for It, We Did It!

We know you're full of great ideas! So check out the Idea Board and add a new idea or vote for the ones you love.

  • All widgets now work with Weebly. (Say that five times fast!) If you use Weebly to host your website, widgets now display the appropriate content.

Custom Forms

  • When filling out a custom form, individuals can choose to update their record with the information they submit. We added a checkbox at the bottom labeled "Use the contact/address info provided to update my record on file", which is only visible to authenticated users and is cleared by default.

Event Details & Registration

  • We added a new Participation Status called "21 Awaiting Payment". When Event Participant records are created during the registration process for events that require a payment, they are initially given this status. Then:
    • If a payment is received for the individual, the Invoice changes from "None Paid" to "Some Paid" or "Paid in Full", and the Event Participant status is changed to "Registered". At that time, the registration message is sent to the participant.
    • If a payment is not received, the Invoice remains as "None Paid" and the Event Participant is marked as "Abandoned". For more details, see "Abandoned Invoice Clean Up" on Default Processes.
    Note: This new status also fixes an issue where individuals who abandoned their registration were still receiving the registration message! Now, the email is sent based on the "Registered" status, so only those who have paid will receive the message.
  • We removed the default selection from the Register As drop-down list. Now, when an authenticated user registers for an event, they must select an individual before they can fill out the form. This is easier on registrants' eyes and ensures the right person is being registered.
  • A parent may need to register their child who has the same name as another contact. Now, for events with Minor Registration set to "Yes", the date of birth is required to match to ensure you have the right contact.
  • Fixed an issue for events with Minor Registration where the Audit Log was not showing "on behalf of: <user name>" for changes made by the API User.
  • Fixed an issue where an Option Price that was set to be hidden (using the Days Out to Hide option) was reappearing on the day of the event.

Event Finder

  • *Early Adopter Suggestion* The Event Finder only shows events within four months' time. So, under the Advanced search option, we limited the Month drop-down list to the current month and the next three months. For example, if it's January, you would only see options for January, February, March, and April. This way, congregants don't try to search for an event that will never display and assume there are no events for that month.
  • *Idea Board Suggestion* You can limit the number of events congregants see for a series. This is useful, for example, when you've set up all your weekly events for the year and only want to show the next couple in the Finder. To do this, set the "Limit Occurrences" attribute in the Widget Configurator to the number of occurrences you want to show for event series.

Group Signup

  • Fixed an issue where merge fields were not displaying in the Sign Up Email.

My Pledges

  • Fixed an issue in the Make a Pledge widget where the Total Pledge was not being calculated correctly when the frequency was set to "Annually".

RSS Feed

  • Fixed an issue where the content in the RSS Feed widget was not displaying like it was supposed to based on its template.

Here are the additional items that were released in August:

  • Fixed an issue where the Event Finder was sorting all featured events at the top.
  • Fixed an issue with invoice numbers that caused payments to be accepted by the vendor but not handed back.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fund ID was being passed incorrectly from the widget. Now, it's passed as a string in the Event Registration JWT.
  • Fixed the Make a Pledge widget to restore its normal functionality.