LifeApps - Released November 6-7, 2023

LifeApps has a new look! But this isn't just a face-lift. We added a bunch of things you've been asking for that will improve how you (and your group participants!) work in LifeApps.


  • Fixed an issue where the Dashboard was only displaying the first 100 Care Cases. Now, all active cases display across multiple pages of results.
  • Fixed an issue where Care Case Managers were not able to close cases using the drop-down menu.


New Look and Feel
  • We've updated the overall look and feel of LifeApps! The header bar across the top now includes additional options and navigation "breadcrumbs" so you know exactly where you are. And we added a menu bar on the left so you can jump between the different applications that you have access to. (We may add other applications to this list in the future -- hint hint!)
  • Want an easier way to get back to the Platform from LifeApps? Introducing the new app switcher! In the top-left corner, click the area that says "Life Apps", and select "MinistryPlatform" from the menu. This only displays for users who have access to the Platform.
  • In GroupLife, we redesigned the My Groups page so you can see all the information you need to know at a glance.
  • When you open a group's page, you'll see that each tab and its content have been redesigned for better readability. And the tabs actually look like tabs! We renamed some tabs to better reflect their purpose. The About tab is now "Info"; the Members tab changed to "Participants"; the Inquiries tab is called "Sign-ups"; the Meetings tab was renamed "Activities" to incorporate other events; and there's a new tab for "Attendance" (which is discussed in the Improvements section below).
  • Speaking of renaming things, you can customize the language used in GroupLife! All tabs, along with other headings and buttons, now use application labels. Update these in System Setup > Application Labels, under Application Name "TM.LifeApps".
  • We improved the look and functionality of the New Message dialog box.

GroupLife for Participants!
  • Participants can now log in to GroupLife and view details for groups they are part of. This includes meeting day/frequency, time, and duration; group location and leaders; life state; and description.
  • Now that participants have joined the GroupLife party, they will be able to see the names of other participants in their groups. But they may not want to share all their details, especially with larger groups of people. There's a new button in the top-right corner of each group's page called "My Privacy". Participants can choose which personal information (like birthday, email, phone numbers, and so on) is okay to share with other people in their group and which information should only display to group leaders.
  • RSVP tracking, meet GroupLife! Participants can indicate which events they plan to attend, which ones they might attend, and which ones they cannot attend. This also lets group leaders see who is coming to their activities and who has not responded so they can follow up with them.
  • Information about the next upcoming activity for a group now displays on the Info tab.
  • *Schema change* There's a new table in the Platform for RSVP Statuses, and an individual's status will be recorded on their Event Participant record.

Improvements for Group Leaders and Primary Contacts
  • Different people may be updating records in GroupLife. So, in the Platform, the Audit Log now tells you which user made a change via GroupLife to any Group Participant, Event, Household, Contact, and Group records.
  • You can toggle between current and past participant lists, and filter the list by the participant's Role Type and Role.
  • On the Activities tab, you can toggle between upcoming and past events. Upcoming activities include events through the next 6 months, and past activities show for the last 60 days.
  • You can cancel an upcoming activity or indicate that a past activity did not meet.
  • There's a new tab called "Attendance" where group leaders and primary contacts can view participants who are expected to attend and mark attendance for group events.
  • When taking attendance, group leaders can indicate how many guests attended. This is useful for one-time visitors who should not be added as a regular participant. This number is recorded as an Event Metric for "Guests".
  • If an admin allows it, you can:
    • Edit information about a group in GroupLife. This includes things like the description, meeting details, maximum target size, and group photo.
    • Add a participant on the Participants tab. Note that Household Position is now required when adding a participant. (An admin can set a default position.) Additionally, you can now add/edit Contact photos and remove multiple participants at once.
    • Edit information about a participant.
    • Add a new activity on the Activities tab. You can also cancel an upcoming activity or indicate that a past activity did not meet.
    Admins: To allow group leaders and primary contacts to perform these actions, go to Administration > Configuration Settings in the Platform, and configure the following settings with Value set to 1:
    • CLOUDAPPS ShowEditGroupButton
    • CLOUDAPPS ShowAddParticipantButton
    • CLOUDAPPS ShowEditParticipantButton
    • CLOUDAPPS ShowAddActivityButton

    To set a default Household Position for new participants, configure the setting for CLOUDAPPS DefaultHouseholdPosition. Set the Value to the Household Position ID you want to make the default.

    It may take up to 15 minutes for changes to display in GroupLife.

Other Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the end time for meetings added in GroupLife. Now, the end time is automatically added based on the duration. If the duration is not set, the record defaults to 60 minutes after the start time.
  • Fixed an issue with dialog boxes being cut off in a small browser window. Now, you can scroll inside these boxes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Last Attended Date not being updated in the Platform after marking attendance.


Reminder about Support Browsers:

Before accessing LifeApps and other MinistryPlatform applications, make sure your browser is up-to-date. Otherwise, you may see errors.

The technical details: TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer supported for our services. To use our applications, the browser must be on TLS 1.2 or higher. For this reason, we suggest using the most updated browser version.