Tools - Released March 13-14, 2023

There's a new tool in town! The Form Editor Tool replaces (and improves upon) the Custom Form Editor CloudTool. We also enhanced the Add/Edit Events Tool, along with a few more improvements and bug fixes.

You Asked for It, We Did It!

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  • Fixed an issue where using an apostrophe in a Contact name caused an error in the Template Editor Tool. (We also fixed this issue in other tools.)
  • Enhanced the Transfer Selection to process up to 100,000 Contacts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Trim Selection Tool was not removing all current group members in the selection.

New & Improved

  • *NEW* With the Form Editor Tool (which replaces the Custom Form Editor CloudTool), you can create new custom Forms and edit existing ones. These can be created as standalone Forms, or used when individuals register for Events, respond to an Opportunity, or apply for a Mission Trip.
  • *IMPROVED* The Trim Selection Tool performs deletions more efficiently and faster.

Add/Edit Event Tool

  • You may need to create an off-site event with registration. That means you don’t need rooms or groups. To account for this, we changed a few things in the Add/Edit Event Tool. The WHERE and WHO sections of the Registration information are no longer required. Rooms can be assigned to an Event without requiring registration. Groups can only be selected if you select at least one Room.
  • The Location list is no longer restricted to the selected Congregation/Parish. This is useful for events held at one location where anyone can attend.
  • Within the Tool, you can add, change, or cancel Room Reservations for multiple Events in a recurring series.
  • The Product Editor now displays Option Prices in the order you entered them instead of alphabetical order. (The Online Sort Order determines the order of Option Groups, and the Sort Order determines the order of Option Prices in each Option Group.)
  • You can now select an existing, active Registrant Message within the Add/Edit Event Tool.
  • Email addresses now display beside the names in the Primary Contact drop-down list. This can help you differentiate between contacts with similar names. You can also search by First Name or Nickname now.

    Map My Selection Tool

    • In the Map My Selection Tool, when you open the filter menu on the left, the map now resizes and zooms out so you can still see all your pinpoints. When you close the menu, the map resizes and zooms in again.
    • Also, when you click anywhere on the map, the filter menu stays open so you can continue filtering.