Tools - Releasing December 2023

We're excited to round out the Sacrament features with a new tool for our Catholic customers! For annual appeals, there's a better way to create pledges and enter donations (at the same time!). There's something for everyone, so read on to learn more.

*NEW* Add/Edit Sacraments Tool

Note: This tool is available in Catholic instances only. But, we know that other denominations track sacraments and may need to mass enter information. If that’s you, please let us know how we can serve your needs by entering your feedback on the Idea Board.

  • You can add a new sacrament record or edit existing records for multiple members at the same time! For example, you may be working with a group of Confirmation candidates who just finished their classes, and you want to record their sacramental information. Some of that information is going to be the same for everyone (like the sacrament date, registry volume and page, celebrant, and parish), and some will be unique to each individual (like place of birth, parents, and sponsors). Using the Add/Edit Sacraments tool, you can do it all in the one process.
  • The tool is available on the following pages: Members, All Sacraments, and all the individual sacrament pages. For more details and steps on using the tool, see Add/Edit Sacraments Tool.

  • You'll notice the Date of Sacrament is required. But don't worry if you don't know the exact date! That's where the Date Accuracy field comes in. For example, if you only know the year, you can enter the date as "01/01/1942" and select "Year" for the accuracy to indicate that only 1942 is known for sure. If you don't even know the year, there is an option for "Unknown".
  • Bonus feature: If you're entering sacraments and realize you don't have a record for the member's mother, father, sponsor, celebrant, or parish, you can add it – without leaving the tool!

Add/Edit Family Tool

  • Back in June, we added a Maiden Name field to Contact records in the Platform. Now, the Add/Edit Family tool includes this field so you can enter a maiden name along with other name information.
  • Fixed an issue where Country was not being updated when changed via the Add/Edit Family tool.

Add A Payment Tool

  • Fixed issues in the Add A Payment tool when selecting from a mutually exclusive Option Group if at least one Option Price was inactive.

Connection Card Tool

  • Fixed an issue where the Connection Card tool was displaying Opportunities that were associated with a custom form. Now, when adding an Opportunity via the tool, the drop-down list only includes those that do not have a Custom Form ID.

Copy/Reverse Donation Tool

  • Fixed an issue where the date of a donation was being set to the previous day after it was copied or reversed using the Copy/Reverse Donation tool. Now, records are created as of 12:00 AM in the Domain Time Zone.

Create Pledge Tool

  • When creating pledges, you can now search for an individual using their Contact information (name or phone number) or their Donor information (Donor Code or Envelope No).
  • We provided a better way to enter pledges for annual appeals. In the Create Pledge tool, when you select a campaign that has the type "Annual Appeal", you'll see a new field for Pledge Frequency. Select how frequently the pledge will be given (weekly, monthly, etc), then enter the Total Pledge amount along with first and last installment dates. The Installment Amount is automatically calculated for you! You can submit the information to create the pledge, and, if needed, use the same pledge information to create another one – just select the next contact/donor. Running totals of the number of pledges and amount pledged display at the bottom.
  • You can now enter a donation (such as a down payment) at the same time you create a pledge for an annual appeal. Select from a list of unfinalized batches, which displays the Congregation to ensure you pick the right one, or create a new one – right in the tool!
  • If you credit parishes for pledges, you can now select the parish (or mark it as uncredited) in the Create Pledge tool. These options only display if the campaign is set to credit parishes.

Template Editor Tool

  • The third party tool we use for the Template Editor has disabled controls for changing font, font size, and alignment on selected inline text. This is only for new text boxes that you add to a template. You can still use the font controls in the right panel to change the entire text box. But, if this becomes an issue, you can configure a setting to enable the controls, although it is not recommended by the third party tool. Go to Admin > Configuration Settings, and set the Value of TOOLS EnableInlineFontControls to "true".

Transfer Responsibilities Tool

  • We improved the way the Transfer Responsibilities tool works if the "To" User has already been assigned one or more items that are being reassigned from the "From" User. Now, the existing "To" User's records for Security Role, User Group, and Global Filter are deleted, and the records associated with the "From" User are reassigned to them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin, Setup Admin, and Can Impersonate values were not transferring as "true" to the "To" User.


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The technical details: TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer supported for our services. To use our applications, the browser must be on TLS 1.2 or higher. For this reason, we suggest using the most updated browser version.