Tools - Released October 9-10, 2023

Have you ever had two security roles that seem awfully similar but you weren't sure how to compare them? Now, there's a tool for that! Also, check out all the improvements we made in other tools.

*NEW* Combine Security Roles Tool

  • Occasionally, administrators may review security roles and remove any that are no longer needed. Now, there's a tool to help you do that! (This replaces the Compare & Combine Security Roles report.) From the Security Roles page, click Tools > Combine Security Roles.

  • You'll select one role to combine and one role to keep. (Since default roles should not be modified, the tool prevents you from selecting one as the role to combine.)
    • The Basics section shows you the differences and similarities between the two roles. Using this information, you can verify that these roles should be combined for the affected users.
    • The Compare Rights & Restrictions section compares the permissions between the two roles. Use this information to make sure it's okay for these roles to be combined.
    • If you want to compare the roles outside of the tool, click Print to view/print a PDF of the list.
  • When you combine the roles, the existing rights and restrictions of the Role to Combine are merged with the existing rights and restrictions of the Role to Keep. The higher level of rights between the two roles will always be retained. For example, if the Role to Combine has a higher Mass Email Quota, then the Role to Keep inherits that higher value. After the merge, the Role to Combine is deleted.
  • Check out the help topic for more details and step-by-step instructions!

Add A Payment Tool

  • Fixed an issue where the Total Amount Due for new event registrants was not reflecting the applied promo codes in the Add A Payment tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the Invoice Status was not updating after paying a remaining balance if a promo code had been applied. We also improved how Invoice Status is handled. Now:
    • If the Payment Amount is 0, the Invoice Status is "None Paid". The only exception is when the Total Amount is 0 because of applied promo codes; then the status is "Paid in Full".
    • If the Payment Amount is greater than 0 but less than the Total Amount Due, the status is "Some Paid".
    • If the Payment Amount equals the Total Amount Due, it is "Paid in Full".
  • Fixed an issue where not all form fields were displaying when adding a new participant to an event that used a form with conditional logic.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a new event participant where you were unable to select an option on the connected form if the question label contained an apostrophe.
  • Fixed an error that displayed in the tool when a product's base price included cents. Now, all monetary amounts in the Add A Payment tool are carried out to two decimal places.

Add/Edit Family Tool

  • We changed the Gender field from icons to a drop-down list. This way, you can use the Tab key to quickly enter the data instead of stopping to use your mouse. Quick typers, rejoice!
  • The Add/Edit Family tool now removes any leading or trailing spaces that are accidentally entered in Name fields.
  • Fixed an issue where launching the Add/Edit Family tool from an open All Form Responses record was changing the Default Contact address. Now, a new Address record is created and only the new contact's household is associated with that address.

Assign Donor & Assign Participant Tools

  • In the Assign Donor tool and the Assign Participant tool, the Possible Matches lists now show the Congregation or Parish associated with each participant. Note: If a participant does not have a Congregation or Parish (either because their household is not associated or they do not belong to a household), only their Display Name shows in the list.

Assign Participant Tool

  • Fixed an error that displayed in the Assign Participant tool when creating a new participant who does not have a household. Now, you must select or create a household for the new participant.
  • Fixed an issue where possible matches were not displaying if the user included a suffix in the Last Name field. Now, the Assign Participants tool ignores known suffixes when looking for matches, as long as the spelling and formatting of the suffix entered by the user matches a corresponding Suffix record in your database.

Combine Contacts Tool

  • We improved the way the Combine Contacts tool finds duplicates. Now, it uses the Duplicate Finder routine to determine which records display in the Possible Duplicates drop-down list. The routine runs nightly to create "Duplicate of" records for potential duplicates, and ignores records that you’ve marked as "Similar Records". This means the tool displays more accurate results!
    Note, though, that recently created duplicate records will not display in the list until the next time the routine runs. And, if you aren’t seeing any possible duplicates in the tool, make sure you haven’t disabled the routine in your system.
  • Fixed an issue where empty households were not being deleted after merging all the contacts.
  • Fixed an issue where Audit Log entries were not being recorded for Contact Identifier/Household Identifier records after merging.

Create Pledge Tool

  • The Create Pledge tool now shows a running count of the pledges and the total amount of the pledges you've submitted.

Group Attendance Tool

  • We improved how the Group Attendance tool works on mobile devices. The columns in the grid are wider to show the data better, and you can scroll right and left to see more.

Split Household Tool

  • You can now edit a newly-added household inside of the Split Household tool. After you create the household, you’ll see an Edit button where the Add button was. Just click it to update any information you need to.
  • We made it easier to identify the correct household in the Search and Other Household drop-down lists. Now, the lists display the first names of any Heads of Household as well as the first line of addresses. And, the lists are sorted more logically based on household names and IDs.

Template Editor Tool

  • Now, you can create and update SMS Text Template records using the Template Editor tool!
  • If you haven't seen it yet, MinistryPlatform now features AI (artificial intelligence) in the Template Editor tool! Check out the cool things you can do in the video below.

AI in the Template Editor Tool

Trim Selection Tool

  • Fixed an issue where the Trim Selection tool was not identifying the correct number of individuals in a selection who had a current or past publication subscription, and was not trimming those individuals as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Trim Selection tool was not removing all the expected records if you selected more than 1,000 records.