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Additional Features


PocketPlaform is packed with amazing, customizable features to engage your congregation. But wait! There's more! We offer additional features to take the experience to the next level. Interested in using one (or more) of these features? Contact Support to get started.

  • Apple TV & Roku Apps: Sometimes it's nice to watch services on a television rather than a phone. Never fear! The App TV & Roku apps utilize the same Platform data, so you to easily manage the lists of Sermon Series and Sermons with ease from MP. 
  • Podcast Feeds: Watching Sermons may be ideal, but sometimes that Sermon is the best driving (or running) companion. Podcast feeds let your users hear the Sermons on their schedule, which might be just what they need.
  • Sermon Widget:  You've already configured your Sermon in the Platform so it appears in your App. Why not leverage that work so Sermons show up on your website? #twobirdsonestone